Roberto Casula’s Take On Africans’ Access To Energy

Roberto Casula was born in Cagliari and is a mining engineer. He is the Chief Development, Operations & Technology Officer of the reputed Italian company Eni. He has worked in various parts of Africa as an employee of Eni. He has seen the people of Africa very closely and therefore has a lot of concern for the inhabitants of the place.

Roberto CasulaHis African connection

Roberto Casula was appointed as the Managing Director of Eni North Africa BV in Tripoli, Libya in the year 2005. Then in 2007, he got the charge of Senior Vice President for the Sub-Saharan Region. Casula also worked as the Chairman of Eni Nigerian subordinates in Abuja, Nigeria.

Roberto Casula was appointed in the prestigious position of Executive Vice President for Eni Africa in 2011. He served in the same post until 2014 before he got the position of Chief Development, Operations & Technology Officer and shifted back to Italy.

The energy that Africans have access to

Africa is one of the major producers of power and energy but it is sad that the Africans themselves do not have access to a major part of these productions. The Africans get to use only 5% of the total energy produced there. The major part of the energy produced is shipped to other countries. Therefore the inhabitants have no other choice but to relyRoberto Casula on the tropical rainforest.

They use the woods from the forest trees to fulfill their energy requirements. The burning of these woods or any other biofuels in an enclosed area can be really harmful. In an enclosed place there is a shortage of oxygen and burning of fuel produces CO2, therefore this is a huge threat to the lives of the people.

Roberto Casula believes that if Africans get proper access to energy and power then they can surely become one of the leading countries of the world.

History of Robert Casula

When you first hear the name of Roberto Casula, the first thing that strikes you is the oil and gas industry executive who contributed a lot to the energy industry. He has an inspiring and amazing professional career. He started his professional journey with Eni in the year 1988 after completing his engineering. The unknown side of him is that he Roberto Casulais a guest speaker who shares knowledge that he acquired through experience in the conferences and industry events that are held globally. His dedication and commitment helped him to grow from the reservoir engineer position, to the Chief Development, Operations and Technical officer. He has a phenomenal journey with the company called Eni, which is a global player in oil and gas sector. This company is carrying out its business operations in 71 countries with around 33 thousand employees working.

This person was born in 1962, Cagliari and spent 26 years with the family, friends and teachers and shaped as a person as what he is today. Roberto Casula earned a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering in 1988 from the University of Cagliari. He immediately joined Eni in July 1988 as a Reservoir Engineer. This shows the interest of this person in oil and gas business. He took this as a career option based on the technical background and is Roberto Casulainterested to learn about the world energy issues. After completion of his degree, he joined Eni and this has become a place for him to learn and grow leaps and bounds. He worked in the Italian oil fields across the West Africa and Milan. He worked in different capacities as a reservoir engineer, chief development engineer, coordinator of business development across various regions and also in the capacity of top executives.

Roberto Casula  interest in mining engineering is just a drop in the ocean. From the beginning of his career, he maintained the success track. He worked hard to attain his goal and the goal set by the company. He is passionate to solve all the solar energy related issues. He gives valuable advices to the people and makes them see opportunities in the areas where others find it hard to deal with. With proper planning and using right strategies, he brought a positive organizational change.

Blake Orlandi And His Experience In Business’s Progress

Blake Orlandi is the present chief operating officer of the company Book of the Month. The versatile skills he has made him hold this position. The company looks after a wide range of markets. Book of the month deals in books but it also includes product marketing and designing business in a greater way so that the company goes straight to reach its peak in every year.

What has made him to this position?

No matter that he has good skills that make him take over such deals in an efficient way but more importantly his good carrier in education has given him more chances. Studying at Harvard Business school he has made himself fit in the matters of business management and analysis.

He leads over a minimum of 45 people and that requires a great deal of patience and a spirit of working in various situations. The spirit of working in such an environment and dealing with the ever-growing company which leads in many respects, he has kept himself in the rightful position.

Blake Orlandi has also been a chief operating officer at Bookspan and various other multinational concerns. The present company Books of the Month mainly focuses on the members who have been eagerly waiting for the monthly issues in hard copies. They not only get ample enjoyment to go through the books but also have enough chances to talk and share about them in an online platform.


The growing company has a head that looks after all the operation in an efficient manner. Blake Orlandi is keeping up spirits of his co-workers as he progresses with the company’s business. Also, his managerial skills in product management and operations management cater to the bright side of the concern. Thus his qualities are suitable for the betterment of the company.

Yachiel Eckstein emphasizes on IFCJ reviews explaining the commitment of Christians

Preface to the Christian’s response to IFCJ

To know more about IFCJ reviews, you have to know more about Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, the renowned person known for his concern of IFCJ.  He had opportunities to look back at his individual and skilled achievements. He drew inspiration and motivation from the enthusiasm and commitment of Christians in order to gain more knowledge regarding the roots relating to their faith.

IFCJ reviewsActually, his words suggest that IFCJ reviews the early response from the Christians.  Through his inspiration his intention was to establish a profound connection with Jesus’ life. In a most recent discussion before his sad demise, Rabbi Eckstein deserves special means in drawing indication to some of these unique experiences.

He said that from the very starting time the response concerning the Christians has been not only thirsty but also hungry. They demand to know more about the roots of the Jews relating to their faith.

Jesus mainly emphasize on two essential commandments

IFCJ reviewsThey want to gain more information about the ‘Passover,’ the Seder that was commemorated by Christ at his last supper and what its sources are. He also added that the Christian community failed to realize the words of Jesus when he was asked questions about the 2 important commandments (i.e. what are those?). Jesus said ‘to love God and to love your fellowman.’

These are the references drawn rightly from the Hebrew Bible which actually states that one should worship God, your Lord with all his (or her) heart, soul and mind. According to the messenger of God which is none other than Jesus himself this was of primary importance. The second one on which he placed the emphasis was to love your neighbours just as you love yourself.

How to accomplish these 2 things and to emphasize that Christianity acts accordingly and that these 2 commandments are very much open to it (Christianity).

In conclusion, it can be said that teaching the philosophy associated with the teachings of Jesus Christ in Seminaries throughout America is actually enhancing the ratings of IFCJ reviews.