CBD oil for Relief in mental disorders

Marijuana is an ancient weed which have been abandoned for a long period. Marijuana plant has been considered highly beneficial because 70 different components can be extracted from this plant. It was not quite a long before its amazing medicinal properties were explored that are due to presence of CBD and THC, two core compounds in this plant. CBD being non-psychoactive has been given more weightage. Additionally, it has more medicinal applications. CBD is not as regulated as THC. CBD oil products have got remarkable in global markets, especially on online stores, due to their benefits in many health concerns.

CBD oil for Relief in mental disorders

CBD oil is known to be effective in many physical and mental health conditions. It is known as an effective pain reliever, but people having mental problems are interested to buy CBD oil products to get relief in mental disorders, like CBD oil for anxiety. Can’t say exactly to what extent it offers relief in mental disorders! It is true that CBD doesn’t have potential side-effects like THC.

There has been recent scientific research on CBD oil for its effectiveness in treatment of a variety of mental health conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD, PTSD, bipolar and more. The studies have demonstrated some effectiveness of CBD oil for anxiety cure.

CBD oil for anxiety: An observation

A scientific study published in 2017 found that CBD reduces self-reported anxiety and sympathetic arousal in non-clinical populations (those without a mental disorder). Anxiety was artificially induced in patients as an experiment, but reduction in anxiety was observed, though a firm clinical evidence is needed to prove its effectiveness. The experiment was made on patients of social phobia, but it can’t be considered as a clinical study in this context.


It is concluded that effectiveness of CBD oil for anxiety cure is still a question mark because it has to be proved clinically.