Blake Orlandi And His Experience In Business’s Progress

Blake Orlandi is the present chief operating officer of the company Book of the Month. The versatile skills he has made him hold this position. The company looks after a wide range of markets. Book of the month deals in books but it also includes product marketing and designing business in a greater way so that the company goes straight to reach its peak in every year.

What has made him to this position?

No matter that he has good skills that make him take over such deals in an efficient way but more importantly his good carrier in education has given him more chances. Studying at Harvard Business school he has made himself fit in the matters of business management and analysis.

He leads over a minimum of 45 people and that requires a great deal of patience and a spirit of working in various situations. The spirit of working in such an environment and dealing with the ever-growing company which leads in many respects, he has kept himself in the rightful position.

Blake Orlandi has also been a chief operating officer at Bookspan and various other multinational concerns. The present company Books of the Month mainly focuses on the members who have been eagerly waiting for the monthly issues in hard copies. They not only get ample enjoyment to go through the books but also have enough chances to talk and share about them in an online platform.


The growing company has a head that looks after all the operation in an efficient manner. Blake Orlandi is keeping up spirits of his co-workers as he progresses with the company’s business. Also, his managerial skills in product management and operations management cater to the bright side of the concern. Thus his qualities are suitable for the betterment of the company.