Changes That John Lippmann Brought in the Book of the Month Club

The scenario of reading has entirely changed. The way by which readers make selection of novels and other entertaining books has changed. Many people still make selection for titles by famous authors, though some people make selection of books by female authors. A new trend has also emerged, the selection of novels by debut and emerging writers. The special authors are also made to include titles by smallest independent publishers.

BOTM: The legendary book Club

The Book of the Month Club is 93 years old book club, but readers had no option to save this legend from dying. The man who couldn’t wait and watch this situation was John Lippmann, the new CEO of the Book of the Month Club. Lippmann knows that young people are more enthusiastic about reading habits because most of the members of the Book of the Month Club are in 20s, 30s, and early 40s, though there is no set age of reading.


Remake and relaunch of BOTM

The availability of new releases, especially of interest to young readers, in the Club can attract more people to take membership of the Club. John Lippmann decided radical change in the setup of Book of the Month Club. He decided to go ahead with its remake and relaunch, so that readers of modern generation can make better use of the Club. He hired group of book lovers for trusted recommendations of new releases, and asked a team of software engineers to create an incredible online experience for members.

About BOTM site

The efforts of John Lippman materialized and a new scenario has emerged. Book of the Month has created a site where avid readers can now do more than just shopping for their next favorite book. The site also provides discussion forums for chatting both with other BOTM members and the judges. The members can access to essays by book experts, and even food & book pairing advice.