History of Robert Casula

When you first hear the name of Roberto Casula, the first thing that strikes you is the oil and gas industry executive who contributed a lot to the energy industry. He has an inspiring and amazing professional career. He started his professional journey with Eni in the year 1988 after completing his engineering. The unknown side of him is that he Roberto Casulais a guest speaker who shares knowledge that he acquired through experience in the conferences and industry events that are held globally. His dedication and commitment helped him to grow from the reservoir engineer position, to the Chief Development, Operations and Technical officer. He has a phenomenal journey with the company called Eni, which is a global player in oil and gas sector. This company is carrying out its business operations in 71 countries with around 33 thousand employees working.

This person was born in 1962, Cagliari and spent 26 years with the family, friends and teachers and shaped as a person as what he is today. Roberto Casula earned a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering in 1988 from the University of Cagliari. He immediately joined Eni in July 1988 as a Reservoir Engineer. This shows the interest of this person in oil and gas business. He took this as a career option based on the technical background and is Roberto Casulainterested to learn about the world energy issues. After completion of his degree, he joined Eni and this has become a place for him to learn and grow leaps and bounds. He worked in the Italian oil fields across the West Africa and Milan. He worked in different capacities as a reservoir engineer, chief development engineer, coordinator of business development across various regions and also in the capacity of top executives.

Roberto Casula  interest in mining engineering is just a drop in the ocean. From the beginning of his career, he maintained the success track. He worked hard to attain his goal and the goal set by the company. He is passionate to solve all the solar energy related issues. He gives valuable advices to the people and makes them see opportunities in the areas where others find it hard to deal with. With proper planning and using right strategies, he brought a positive organizational change.