IFCJ’s New President Yael Eckstein- the Perfect Candidate

One of the biggest charities in the world which helps Jews with immigration, resettlement and more is IFCJ. However, the entire Jewish community mourned the passing of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, former President of this charitable organization. Due to a heart attack, he passed away in on February 6th, 2019 at the age of 67. With his passing, to handle this company, his daughter stepped in the shoes.IFCJ

Yael Eckstein current President

It was not a shock that after her father’s passing away, she took over the responsibilities and duty of her father. She was being trained by her father to take over the mantle after he retires which was to happen in a year or two. She gained her father’s blessing for this along with the votes of the board members who decided no other candidate is better than her to run this organization efficiently.

She has been with this organization for a very long time and has served in various roles of this organization. She started her career in this firm as a caller who talked to people to bring in more donations. Having success there she generally, moved up the ladder in IFCJ and eventually gained high position such as program development director, global executive VP and more.IFCJ

Early years and her start in this path

She was born in Illinois’ Evanston city. Completed her primary and secondary studies from Torat Chesed Seminary which is in Israel. Later, she moved to New York after getting admission to Queens College and then moved to Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She has degrees in sociology, biblical studies and more. Also, she is a blogger and author, which will play a crucial role in educating people about helping those in need.

All these qualities make her the ideal candidate to be the president of IFCJ, an esteemed charitable organization that brings in over $130 million yearly to assist the needy Jewish people around the world.