Roberto Casula’s Take On Africans’ Access To Energy

Roberto Casula was born in Cagliari and is a mining engineer. He is the Chief Development, Operations & Technology Officer of the reputed Italian company Eni. He has worked in various parts of Africa as an employee of Eni. He has seen the people of Africa very closely and therefore has a lot of concern for the inhabitants of the place.

Roberto CasulaHis African connection

Roberto Casula was appointed as the Managing Director of Eni North Africa BV in Tripoli, Libya in the year 2005. Then in 2007, he got the charge of Senior Vice President for the Sub-Saharan Region. Casula also worked as the Chairman of Eni Nigerian subordinates in Abuja, Nigeria.

Roberto Casula was appointed in the prestigious position of Executive Vice President for Eni Africa in 2011. He served in the same post until 2014 before he got the position of Chief Development, Operations & Technology Officer and shifted back to Italy.

The energy that Africans have access to

Africa is one of the major producers of power and energy but it is sad that the Africans themselves do not have access to a major part of these productions. The Africans get to use only 5% of the total energy produced there. The major part of the energy produced is shipped to other countries. Therefore the inhabitants have no other choice but to relyRoberto Casula on the tropical rainforest.

They use the woods from the forest trees to fulfill their energy requirements. The burning of these woods or any other biofuels in an enclosed area can be really harmful. In an enclosed place there is a shortage of oxygen and burning of fuel produces CO2, therefore this is a huge threat to the lives of the people.

Roberto Casula believes that if Africans get proper access to energy and power then they can surely become one of the leading countries of the world.