The Aggie ring and the unique traditions

The Texas A&M certainly has its own share of traditions, from the fightin’ Texas Aggie band to honoring the deceased. But as you may note, most of these traditions, seem to originate in Aggieland with the Texas A&M ring, symbolizing all that the University stands for. Given this, it is no wonder that most of the current ceremonies and traditions revolve around the Texas A&M ring. You may want to take a closer look at some of the unique traditions associated with this ring and ones that bring countless Aggies together, in the spirit of solidarity and friendship.

texas a&m ring

Ring dance:

When it comes to the Texas A&M ring, one of the main traditions associated with the same happens to be the ring dance. The ring dance, takes place shortly after Ring day when the class ring is awarded to those who qualified for the same. And when it comes to the ring dance, which is more of a get together the seniors wear their respective rings with the main face, facing the other way to show that they are prepared for all the challenges of the world. Incidentally, the ring dance predates to 1936 and this tradition has been in place since then.

texas a&m ring

Elephant walk:

The ring has several traditions associated with it but none more poignant than the elephant walk. The elephant walk mainly consists of all the senior aggies taking part in a walk, just before their last football game. The walk is mainly a symbolic walk and consists of Aggies walking through the campus during nighttime for one last time and recalling their memories, shortly before they graduate. The walk certainly helps students to form closer bond with one other and to develop a closer relationship with the University itself. This walk enables each student to form fond memories of the university and to bid adieu for one last time.